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Need to make your place Pinterest-worthy? Here’s how...


Do you have a nice place but wish it had a little more flair (like those to-die-for places you see on Pinterest?)


Planning a fairytale wedding and want that dreamy glow you’ve seen in SO many of the best wedding photos?


The globe string lights you see here are your ticket to creating that warm, intimate feeling that makes friends say, “Wow! I *love* this!”


Transparent glass globe lights will give you the most classic, cafe-style light with their clearly visible bulb filaments. If you need a softer light you can go with frosted bulbs that give off a warm glow.


Either way you’re going to be able to easily string them where you like because of the handy little hooks built into each bulb socket.


Another nice feature is that you can string a couple light strands together (they connect end-to-end) so you can hang them all the way around your outdoor wedding reception dance floor or make sure they light up the entire patio for your cookouts.


So...be honest now:


You do have string lights pinned on your “For the house” or “Love, it!” Pinterest board right...?


Lights like these can be a little hard to find but way-to-go you! You’ve found them here.


To get them to your door just scroll on down...You’ll see all the pretty pictures below. You can click the one you like best and see more details.


When you click “Add to cart” and then “Proceed to checkout” you’ll be able to checkout with an account or simply proceed as a guest.


Just tell me where to ship to and you can pay via PayPal’s secure checkout (even if you don’t have a PayPal account).


Oh yeah! Almost forgot to mention that regular shipping is FREE plus if you need 2 or more sets of any given type of lights you’ll get an automatic discount of $2 per box. Nice, aye?


Check the lights out below...(or right here)


Happy decorating!



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